Edit / translate hourly weather data

You can use the Edit/Translate Hourly Weather Data dialog to process hourly weather data.  You may wish to do this for various reasons:



Use this dialog to convert weather data to and from a range of file formats. Supported formats are:


    EnergyPlus data files (.epw)

    EnergyPlus 'comma separated values' files (.csv)

    TMY2 data files (.tmy2 or tm2)

    TMY data files (.tmy)

    IWEC data files (.iwec or iwc)

    Samson data files (.samson or dat)

    WYEC2 data files (.wyec2 or wy2)

    DOE-2 formatted data files (.fmt or txt)

    ESP-r formatted data files (.esp-r or clm)

    BLAST ASCII formatted data files (.blast or asc)


Required extensions are shown in brackets.  To edit/convert a file or files:


  1. Select the folder containing the file(s) using the browse box at the top of the left-hand side of the screen.  All relevant weather data files are then loaded into the table on the left.
  2. Check the files to be converted.
  3. Ensure that the correct options have been set on the Options tab.
  4. Press the Convert button to start the process.


Converted files are stored in the Weather data folder. You can access these files by clicking on the 'Edit/Review' tab.