area under unoccupied pitched roof in modelling

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area under unoccupied pitched roof in modelling

Postby fbougiatioti » Fri May 25, 2018 9:18 am

I am modelling variations of a small house with a pitched roof. The pitched roof is unoccupied and is separated from the main block (various zones of the house) with a reinforced concrete slab. The question is the following: I want my results to be normalised by floor area, but which is the correct choice? All floor area or Occupied floor area? Because when "All floor area" is used, I get results for the Roof zone as well, but the data (gains, lossses, etc.), as I understand is practically divided by 2x the area of the house (ground floor + pitched roof internal floor) and in this way is significantly less.
The roof zone is included in the thermal calculations, as in the un-insulated variations, it plays a significant role to year-round losses and gains.
Thank you in advance!

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