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Borrowing License

Postby FabianX » Fri Aug 10, 2012 11:06 pm

Hi DB Team,

This is kind of a wish item for future releases.

In the office I am currently at we work off network licenses. Sometimes on the weekend (like this one) I or other members of our team get stuck having to work on projects. Everyone here has laptops and sometimes we are able to work from home (unless network licenses are required). We can work off VPN at home but as some of you might know this isn't always the best option due to lag, and extremely slow connections.

Now Autodesk has a borrowing license option for their products. Which allows us to borrow the license for x number of days then automatically being returned on the selected day at midnight. For example if I needed to work on Revit I would simply click the borrow license and choose the following Sunday. Then once midnight on Sunday arrives the license automatically gets returned.

Borrowing License feature for DB would be awesome!

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Re: Borrowing License

Postby svenoxtoby » Fri Jun 29, 2018 6:46 am

I'm commenting 6 years later because there were no replies but this post has had many views so perhaps there is interest in the topic.

I have managed to access our DB licence server off-site over internet, using port 49679 instead of 5053. No VPN needed thankfully. You'd have to get your IT people to ensure this port is forwarded on work's router, to the license server. In fact, rather get them to forward 5053 from internet, to 49679 on LAN so your laptop can just have 5053 entered for port, and it will work whether your laptop is at office or elsewhere.

Hopefully what I've done is allowed by the licence terms. But the port number is freely displayed when you log into the web interface of RLM server on the server machine, so presumably it's OK.

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