Version 5.0 Beta, Site:GroundDomain:Basement

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Version 5.0 Beta, Site:GroundDomain:Basement

Postby h_hassan77 » Tue Aug 02, 2016 11:03 pm

Hello DesignBuilder team,

Thank you for including the feature (Site:GroundDomain:Basement) in your V. 5.0
Now, I want to use it for simulating Earth-covered building, with three facades covered with Earth, and the roof as well.
I made the model completely above zero level, with Ground component blocks around the walls and the roof.

My question is:
Can I make the thickness of the Earth Domain different for each of the ground blocks?
Will this make an effect on the heat exchange?

As I understand from IORef.pdf, from the (Field:Name) that we can simulate multiple domains.

is this what I'm trying to do?
how can I make such different Earth domains at different boundaries at DB 5.0 ??

Thanks for concern in advance,

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