Internal loads and boundary conditions

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Internal loads and boundary conditions

Postby gkspl » Mon Feb 02, 2015 6:33 am

Dear all,

I am doing Internal CFD analysis and I have some queries regarding the internal loads and boundary conditions:

- I did hourly simulation (with internal loads) and imported E+ simulation results to get the boundary conditions. Now, while doing the internal CFD analysis, should I make internal equipments?

- The single zone has ventilators and exhaust fans (no air conditioning) and I want to simulate both cases when exhaust fans is not operational and when it is operational. Is it OK if I change the air flow through the ventilators to do the CFD analysis for the case when exhaust fans are operational OR should I make CFD boundary (supply/extract)? Again in this case to get the boundary conditions, should I run the E+ simulation with defined air change rate due to exhaust fans?

Thanks in advance.

Prashant Bhanware

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