Cant set the "aperture size" of a window to 0%

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Cant set the "aperture size" of a window to 0%

Postby mutu » Tue May 12, 2015 11:11 pm

Hi. I am trying to run a CFD analysis and I have an internal window (located in an inter-block partition) through which I wish there was no air flow. The problem is that, when I select that window and go to the CFD tab, Designbuilder does not allow me to set the "Aperture size (% total opening area)" to 0%. It shows an error message, mentioning that the minimum value for that value has to be 5%.

Even though I set the "Flow in" and "Flow out" to 0, when I run the CFD simulation, it shows an opening in the window and the air flowing through it.

I really don't know what to do and I would appreciate any sort of help.
The version I am currently using is the DB


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