calculated natural ventilation help?

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calculated natural ventilation help?

Postby mike93bd » Mon May 16, 2016 1:33 am

Hi, I've been looking to model different naturally ventilated designs and assess their effectiveness.

I'm looking into nat vent buildings only, and assessing their feasibility etc. I am using the calculated natural ventilation option and was hoping someone could give me some advice on the following please? I am looking to simulate the building performance as well as analyse the internal CFD results to prove that the nat vent system is working the way I intended, showing air velocities etc.

My main question is, what is the difference between vents and CFD surface boundaries? Is it just the case that vents allow flow in both directions during simulations whilst the direction of flow becomes set for interior CFD analysis?
I have wind catchers on the top of my buildings to generate negative flows for wind driven ventilation and would like to know how best to model these...

Thank you!

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