Height daylight sensor when converting v3 ->v4

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Height daylight sensor when converting v3 ->v4

Postby Geert Bellens » Sat Feb 21, 2015 10:05 am


I made also a ticket for this problem, but maybe someone can help me already in the weekend.

I've made a large building using v 3.4.

I've now switched to v 4.2 and to my surprise, the daylicht calcaulations are 'zero' for all floors.
There seems to be no daylight in the rooms. In the previous version, this was not the case.

I see the daylight sensor is placed on the bottom of the internal floor. The internal floor is 1 meter high.

As the default heigth of the working plain in daylight calculations is 0.7 m, I would think the height of the internal floor is added to this 0.7m, but apparantly not.

If I set the working plain to 1.7 m, I do have daylight results (but are they correct??)

Is there a difference between the location (in height) of the daylight factor using V4? Or is it caused by the conversion from an older version? Can I manually 'raise' this sensor to the bottom of the real floor?

This must have an influance on the daylight control (if using lighting control) as well.

Geert bellens

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