Lighting of a symmetric building>rotation, different resu

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Lighting of a symmetric building>rotation, different resu

Postby Archy_art » Fri Jan 01, 2016 10:44 pm

Hello everybody, I am doing a research work and I have a problem with lighting control and simulation results, I hope you can help me with it.

Here is the situation; the model is a single storey very simple square shape building with a square shape skylight exactly at the middle of the building. There is no natural light source for the building other than the atrium. The construction materials are also same all over the building. (The file is attached, please have a look at it.)

Since, the building is completely symmetric in both X and Y axises, the 90 or 180-degree rotation should not affect the energy consumption of the building. However, in this model I can see differences between the results for simulations of 4 main orientations. I am almost sure that the problem is with the lighting control, since when I turn it off, I get completely same results for different orientation. But the question is what is wrong with lighting control that I can not get the same results form different orientations while the building is completely symmetric??
( for each simulation for different orientations I checked the Light Sensor to be located in the same position as the former simulations)

Thank you,
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