Reduction in the supply temperature

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Reduction in the supply temperature

Postby Wojtysiak » Mon Aug 05, 2019 7:16 am

I would like to apply a reduction in the supply temperature to the building. I am using a detailed HVAC. For this purpose, I made the first simulation at a design temperature of -20C. I changed the values ​​of "autosize" in the central heating installation to the results of 1 simulation (flow, power for radiators, source and pump). Temperature set in rooms 20C. After lowering the supply temperature from 80C to 50C, I still have a room temperature of 20C. Even at 20C on the supply temperature. What else should I change? Please help! Thank you.

PS. I also checked in "eplusout.eso". I have "HW LOOP DEMAND SIDE INLET, System Node Temperature" ~ 50C. Why?

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