Detached Heat Recovery Ventilation

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Detached Heat Recovery Ventilation

Postby lymos » Fri Oct 27, 2017 4:02 am


I am attempting to model a case where a Heat Recovery Unit has been added to the building, so I want to create two different air loops for the same zones in DB. One loop is for the Energy Recovery Ventilation System. The other is for a standard Water-to-Air Heat Pump HVAC system.
So far I have not been able to connect to air loops to one zone group, looking in the forums i found that in EnergyPlus "a zone is added to the AirLoopHVAC based system through the "Zone Air Inlet Node" (of which there can be many)"
( ... dio-model/). So I am wondering if it is possible to do this in DesignBuilder.

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Re: Detached Heat Recovery Ventilation

Postby msweeney0312 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 4:33 pm

the beauty of designbuilder is that you don't have to worry about nodes for most detailed hvac editing.

I recommend starting with the "DOAS with DCV and FCU" template, which will get you started on your air loop needs. Then you can also load separately the "Zone Water to Air Heat Pump Supplied by Cooling Tower and Boiler, Dual Setpoints", and that should be close to what you need for the zonal equipment and associated plant. Then you just gotta swap out the zonal equipment from the first template with the zonal equipment and loop connections with the second template.

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