Any advice to draw this following HVAC System

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Any advice to draw this following HVAC System

Postby Nattakorn » Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:40 am

Hello guys,

I am trying to build a detailed HVAC system for my model. My project is non-residential with over 50 floor and I am getting stuck with how to put all of this equipment in Design Builder as per Central Plant.

- 800 Tr Water cooled chiller (x 3)
- Fluid to Fluid Heat Exchanger (x 3) *main problem
- 5.5 kW: Two speed fluid - Cooling Tower (x 14) **main problem
- Pumps is fine and no Hot system Loop

Is it possible to draw all of this in Detail HVAC System with no error. Currently I use the HVAC Template: "System No. 8 VAV with PFP Boxes" that is similar to above but It not correct for amount of equipment as real design.

Please advice.

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Re: Any advice to draw this following HVAC System

Postby msweeney0312 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:57 pm

It's unclear what the point of the heat exchangers is, but I'm assuming it's for Free Cooling? There's some documentation on how to implement these here: ... light=heat exchanger

If this is the case, I'd try the "FCU 4-pipe, Water-cooled Chiller, Waterside Economiser template." That should get you most of the way there, and you can add on any number of chillers/towers you want--although sequencing them might be tricky and you should be able to play around with that on the loop level.

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