PTAC units + Mech ventilation and RH controls

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PTAC units + Mech ventilation and RH controls

Postby ricardo.filho » Tue Mar 13, 2018 9:09 am

I am using a simple HVAC up to now, I have to use the default setting for the HVAC system, I can change only the boiler efficiency and the fuel for the boiler, therefore I am creating a "base case" where my building has a poor energy and comfort performance.

Those are the instructions for my task.

I noticed that the PTAC model in the simple HVAC comes with mech ventilation off and no humidity control. After running the simulation I found that my humidity levels are way off the limits I set (40-60%). For every change I make on the HVAC system, I have to include an equipment cost and deduct it from my budget.

I was wondering if you could help me with this, if I "turn on" the mech ventilation and humidity controls on the HVAC tab for the PTAC units, would that incur in additional costs for my HVAC system ? or the PTAC unit can do this with its original construction it is just the case of "ticking the box" on the HVAC tab to enable it.

Maybe it is the case that I am not fully getting the PTAC unit and how it works.


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