Managing library data for teams

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Managing library data for teams

Postby svenoxtoby » Sun May 27, 2018 8:36 am

Hello all

I did a forum search before posting. Our company is four people using DB, because v5 is not yet certified for energy regulation work in our country (South Africa).

I realise that this is a rather open-ended question and a fairly complex matter. I want to ask if anyone out there has a nice robust way of managing DB libraries for a team of modelling staff. Ideally I envision that a team could share one master library, with edits, additions and deletions to components by any team member, automatically being carried through to the master library, rather than being contained in each .dsb file or in each user's DB installation. I suppose this would need a programme or model option like "Reference the component library to .dsb file VS ddf file (specify path)". Then the ddf file has to be on a network share, and there might be a multi-user concurrent-write-permissions headache to be addressed.

Like I said; it's an open-ended question. I just want to get a feel for what ideas or partial solutions might be out there. Thanks!

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