Modeling blocks and flat roofs

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Modeling blocks and flat roofs

Postby nielex » Tue Jun 07, 2016 1:15 pm

Dear DB-Team,

please let me discuss a dated topic regarding flat roofs and the influence in volume calculation. I have a building with three different blocks and set the height in the model options. I also define a flat roof construction with 0,4 m.

So in the recent past it was defined that a flat roof is not included in the respective block height (see attached file and following link). ... nsions.htm

Using and analysing some zones flat roofs are included in the block. Is that correct?

With the "Geometry convection template" I can set some parameters for the volume calculation. Using "1-Inner" for volume and floor calculation and a fixed surface thickness with 0,0 m for flat roof I get the volume without the flat roof (= flat roof is excluded from the block height). So only the zone volume will be influenced and the position of the flat roof (z-coordinate) in both cases is the same. Is that correct?

Is the flat roof always automatically included in the block (there is no parameter to change this fact)?

Thanks, Alex
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Re: Modeling blocks and flat roofs

Postby Mathisda » Thu Jan 18, 2018 5:20 pm

Hello Nielex,

Did you find how to modelize a flat roof please ? I need to add a flat roof to a simple construction i did. In the construction tab, i entered the specificities of my flat roof but i don't know if the software considers that i have a flat roof. I didn't add any roof in the layout.


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