How to model storage racks in Warehouse

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How to model storage racks in Warehouse

Postby steffenwalvius » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:14 am

Hello fellow DB users,

My name is Steffen and I'm working on warehouse energy simulations. I modeled a warehouse with several levels because there is a two-story office space within the warehouse (approx. 3.8 m high per level). With partition walls I created the office zones.

Although the skylights are only 2% of the roof surface I'd like to know how much the lights can be dimmed during the day. So I want to introduce lighting control in my warehouse. In the warehouse, however, there are many storage racks of about 10 meters high (2.5m deep by 48 meters long) with a 3.1-meter wide aisle in between. These will block the daylight significantly and therefore I want to model something (assemblies, objects, blocks or anything that works) to simulate the shading these racks will create.

How can I create these racks the best? I tried modeling new blocks in each level but things get very messy because I can't see the blocks in the lower level when I model at a higher level, and construction lines don't snap when drawing on a different level. Also, when I try to drag the top of the block to the ceiling it tells me "Error: Block intersection", the block disappears and I can't undo this step... it appears again when I select the area where it disappeared and move it slightly (probably an error in the software so forget that).

Is there a way I can place assemblies that go through multiple levels?

Your help is greatly appreciated!
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Re: How to model storage racks in Warehouse

Postby drumman » Tue Sep 05, 2017 12:56 pm


Yes it's possible! Just draw holes to the upper floors, where there is no rack system so the light can go through in these "aisles". (kind of sun pipe)
I tried it a year ago, it was working properly for daylight simulation. Probably, it gonna work with e+ energy modelling as well.

BR, Peter

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