Error in activation

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Error in activation

Postby optimization » Wed Aug 29, 2018 9:34 am

Read error from network (-105)
what do I do?? :|
Darren Flight
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Re: Error in activation

Postby Darren Flight » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:01 am

We believe this could be an internet issue or bad connection to our server when DesignBuilder tries to validate the licence.

The error message (-105) is related with a failed connection
to our licensing server most likely caused by a firewall or
proxy server between your computer and our server

The following items need to be checked, most likely by your
IT department since it requires network admin privileges:

1.Check if there is a firewall blocking designbuilder.exe
from accessing the host

If there is a firewall at your site, then it will need to
allow designbuilder.exe to access the internet for http and
https (ports 80 and 443);

2.If there is a proxy server in place that blocks access to
the internet. The proxy settings can be entered into the
Settings dialog in License Manager. These can be obtained
from the system administrator.

Note: DesignBuilder supports Basic Authentication (plain
text) only.

The -105 error seems to occur frequently in machines located
in University/Colleges networks where the user needs some
type of login details to get network access. Only the
network administrator will be able to create the proxy/
firewall exceptions.

Since the machine only needs to connect once to the server in order to activate, other
users have managed to activate DesignBuilder using a
different network connection (for example, dongle Wi-Fi,...)
or switching the firewall / proxy off for a limited time until
the activation process is finish.

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