Internal CFD Simulation Problem

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Internal CFD Simulation Problem

Postby abdulrahmanfahmy » Wed Sep 19, 2018 6:05 pm

Dear all, I hope you're fine.
I have a problem when working CFD simulations on a curtain wall system.
From start, I'm using a curtain wall in the construction tab for a certain wall in a box shape zone.
I use 30% WWR and certain height and width for the windows in this wall.
The problem is: I can not figure out why the results say that the software is not reading the window. I mean the CFD simulation result is almost the same for the whole zone. What could be the reason?
Also, something strange happens which is, whenever I change the wall material from the construction tab to a brick wall, it still gives exactly the same simulation and CFD results. I wonder why!
By the way I'm using the calculated natural ventilation mode. with Natural ventilation (No heating/cooling) mode in HVAC.

Thank you.

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