the effect of using Venetian blind on energy consumption

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the effect of using Venetian blind on energy consumption

Postby sally emad » Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:13 pm

Dear All
I am studying the effect of venation blind on energy consumption, A test room was modeled for energy simulation, only one wall included a window with WWR 20%. The three orientations were simulated south, west and east under the climate of Cairo. (Noting that the study is done through a study of reflectivity and slat angles). So i have one question:

When analyzing the results, I studied the amount of solar gain exterior Windows and its relation to the shading positions (inside, midpane and outside). When fixing the shading angle and the reflectivity we found that the solar gain values did not change or very close with the three positions (inside, midpane and outside), although there was a change in cooling saving and increased consumption savings with outside position.

The question here is (why the solar gain values do not change or very close despite the change in the shading position, which followed by the increase in consumption savings?).

Attached are three files (design builder) with different shading positions (inside-midpane-outpane) as well as a graph (1) showing the solar gain values in the three positions indicating that the values are very close and a graph (2) showing the change in cooling values in all cases.

table (3) showing that (with high reflection and slat angle 45 and with the three positions we note that solar gain values are very close and it is logical to have a greater difference than this due to different positions which are supposed to change the values of cooling)... is there an explanation for this?

With a note in the graphs
(15-30-45-60-75-90) refer to slat angles.
(high-medium-low) refer to reflectivity.
(in-mid-out) refer to position.

best regard
thank you

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