Wind Pressure Coefficient Templates

Wind pressure coefficients are used when Natural ventilation model option is set to 'Calculated'.  EnergyPlus/AIRNET uses pressure coefficients when calculating wind-induced pressure on each surface during simulations when the Calculated Natural ventilation option is selected.


DesignBuilder is supplied with a database of wind pressure coefficients based on data from Martin Liddament, Air Infiltration Calculation Techniques, An Applications Guide, AIVC. The Cp data is buildings of 3 storeys or less, with square surfaces and for 3 levels of site exposure. The data is given in 45° increments.


Note: The AIVC wind pressure coefficient data provides a good first level of approximation for basic design purposes. However, ideally you would override this default data with pressure coefficient data specific to your application. This data might be calculated from CFD simulations or measured from wind tunnel studies using physical models.


Template data can be accessed: