Openings Model data (Windows, doors, vents, holes, sub-surfaces)

Openings tab in model data


The term opening is used in DesignBuilder to describe any opening in the main building fabric. These are modelled as exceptions to the main surface construction. There are five types of opening:



The layout, operation and construction data for these (apart from sub-surfaces) can be set on the Openings tab.


You can load generic Opening data by clicking on the Template option under Glazing Template and then by clicking on the '...' at the right of the line (below).



When you make a selection from the list of Glazing templates, data from selected template will be loaded to the model.


You can also open the:



headers to enter opening details where they are different from those loaded from the template.


Note: Once you have created custom openings on any particular surface, changes made to facade layout on this tab will not affect the layout for the surface.


All Openings data is used to generate simulation data at the Surface level.  


You can also override default Pressure Coefficient data when the Calculated Natural ventilation option is set and you are at surface level.