Cooling Design Output Options

Options model data tab


Cooling design output options apply to the whole building and are only visible at building level.

Include unoccupied zones in block and building averages and totals

By default, data for unoccupied zones is excluded from block and building totals and averages. Check this option to include data for unoccupied zones.


This option can also be accessed from the Cooling Design tab of the Model options dialog and on the Output tab of the Cooling Design Calculation Options dialog.

Store surface output

Causes the following output to be stored for all walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, partitions etc:

Store opening output

Only visible when the Store surface output option is selected, this option causes the following data to be stored for windows vents, doors, holes, sub-surfaces:


Warning: Use these options with caution on large models as, when selected, they will cause large amounts of data to be stored.