Simulation Design Output Options

Options model data tab


Name in last EnergyPlus calculation

This read-only information tells you the name used by DesignBuilder to refer to the current zone, surface or opening in the last EnergyPlus simulation. It can be useful for setting up custom report requests or to help identify DesignBuilder data objects in an IDF file.

Output options

Simulation output options can be accessed at building, block, zone, surface and opening levels giving you control of the elements in the model for which output data will be generated.


The following options are available at building level only and the same options can also be accessed from the Simulation tab of the Model options dialog and on the Output tab of the Simulation Calculation Options dialog:


Store surface output

To obtain data for a particular surface or opening you should first navigate to that surface or opening and switch on the Store surface output option. This causes a table of results to be stored for that surface or opening but does not yet select any results. To do this select one or more of these options:



Warning: Use these surface and opening options with caution on large models as, when selected, they will cause large amounts of data to be generated and stored. Select only the data you need for the building elements of interest.