Activity tab in model data (building level only)


You can define the dates of holidays to include the effect of building shutdown during certain periods of the year. Do this by selecting the Holidays option under the Holidays header on the Activity tab at building level. Holidays defined at building level in this way are used for the whole simulation. The holiday data is used for Simulations only (not Heating/Cooling Design Calculations) and allows you to set the Holiday Schedule and the number of days of holiday per year. The possible holiday dates are defined in the Holiday schedule and the actual holidays to be used in the simulation are selected from the top of the list based on the Holidays per year data entered.


Note that you must have at least as many days defined in the holiday schedules as you request here. If there are insufficient holidays in the holiday schedule you will receive an error message to this effect prior to a simulation.



With the data in the above screenshot there will be 5 holidays and the dates are given by the first 5 holiday dates set in the 'Typical UK' Holiday schedule.


See also the Timing, Schedules, Profiles and Holidays Tutorial


The way holiday definition works depends on the Timing model option:

Compact Schedules

When the Timing model option is Schedules you can use Compact schedules to define holiday dates and schedule values. The value of Compact schedule output during holidays can be defined explicitly using the Holidays day type following For:.


For example:





Through: 31 Dec,

For: Weekdays SummerDesignDay WinterDesignDay,

Until: 05:00, 0.5,

Until: 09:00, 1,

Until: 24:00, 0.5,

For: Weekends,

Until: 05:00, 0.5,

Until: 24:00, 1,

For: Holidays AllOtherdays,

Until: 24:00, 0;


The Holiday data in this Compact schedule indicates that the cooling is switched off on holidays.

7/12 Schedules

Holiday operation is not defined explicitly and holidays use the same data as Sundays

Typical workday

Holidays use the same data as Sundays