Profiles define the variation in occupancy, equipment usage or temperature over the course of a single day. They are used as building blocks in the definition of Schedules.



There are 3 types of profile:


  1. Constant - has the same value all day.  Enter the constant value for the profile
  2. Single period - define the 'on' period by setting the start and end times for the profile using the mouse.  The operation is assumed to be 'off' for the rest of the day
  3. Custom - the profile is defined by a number of intervals, each of which can have a different value.  There are two ways to set interval values:
    1. To change the value for a single interval (single histogram bar) select the top of the histogram bar and drag up/down using the LEFT mouse button.
    2. To apply a constant value over a range of intervals select the top of the histogram bar which has the required value and drag left/right over the range of intervals to be set using the RIGHT mouse button.


The figure above shows an example custom profile.


Profile data can be accessed:



See also the Timing, Schedules, Profiles and Holidays Tutorial