Construction and glazing model Option

Data tab on Model Options dialog.

Construction and glazing

The Construction and glazing model option controls the way Construction templates are loaded on the Construction model data tab. When the option is set to Pre-design you can load construction templates using the Insulation and Thermal mass slider controls. When set to General, Construction templates are loaded by selection from a Construction templates browse list in the usual way.

Include shading from excluded zones in simulation

When zones are excluded from simulations, by unchecking the Include Zone checkbox, it is often still necessary for the excluded the zone's surfaces to be used to shade other parts of the building. Checking this checkbox ensures that all zone surfaces are used in shading calculations , even those that have been excluded.

Multi-state electrochromic control method

There are 2 ways to set up sensors to control the tinting of Multi-state electrochromic systems. These 2 methods are accessed through the options: