Section Cut and Clipping Plane

Accessible from the Visualisation, CFD and Simulation Data Visualisation screens.


The Section cut tool can be used to create a "clipping plane" through the building to allow the inside of the model to be viewed.


To use Section cut:


  1. Click on the Section cut toolbar icon,
  2. Select the direction of the cut using the 3 axis arrows in the top right of the screen and then
  3. Move the mouse over the model to adjust the position of the cut.
  4. Once you are happy with the cut position, click once with the mouse.


You can continue to use other view tools with the cut in place.


To subsequently change the position or direction of the cut press the <Esc> key and repeat the steps above to select the new cut position and direction.


You can change the direction of the section cut by using the Section Cut, Orientation setting at the top of the Display Options panel when the Section cut command is active.

Note: with the cut in place you can view the shading (rendered view) and other results (data visualisation view) within the building. The section cut does not affect shading or other results - it just affects the view that you have on the model.

See also the Drawing holes and merging zones tutorial

Clipping plane height

Also, when at block level on the Visualise and CFD screens it is possible to enter a clipping plane height in the Display Options panel simply by entering a height above the block floor level at which the cut is to be made. The default clipping plane height is 2.5m.