New Features and Improvements in DesignBuilder v6.0

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  • Grid view/edit tool allows model data to be edited in bulk. Option to export the data to spreadsheet, modify and import to the same or different model.
  • Plugin for Revit 2019.

Reporting and Visualisation

  • Graphical display of constructions and glazing used in the model on the Visualisation screen.
  • Graphical display of calculated natural ventilation airflows on the Simulation screen.
  • Improved rendered visualisations with an option for lines to be used to more clearly represent surfaces edges.


  • EnergyPlus V8.9.
  • Latest Phase Change Materials with Hysteresis.
  • Simulations can be run for multiple years helping improve accuracy for in very high mass cases such as ground domains and ground heat exchangers.
  • Improved heating and cooling system design summary outputs including fabric, ventilation and gains data.


  • Improved daylighting maps with text data available for each grid point and options for colour palettes.
  • Improved performance for Radiance illuminance simulations significantly reducing wait times.
  • Improvements to the ASE Daysim simulations.
  • Option to define the ground plane extent.
  • Option to control randomness in Radiance results.
  • Improved management of calculation and display options.


  • Co-generation equipment (CHP).
  • Ice thermal storage and new plant operation schemes.
  • Variable speed fan cooling towers.
  • Improvements to evaporative coolers.

UK and Ireland Certification

  • Latest SBEM 5.6a for England, Scotland, Wales.
  • Section 63 tools for Scotland.
  • Latest SBEM v5.5e for Part-L and BERs in Ireland.

Optimisation + Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis

  • New set of Uncertainty Analysis and Sensitivity Analysis tools allow the variability of a model output due to uncertainty in inputs to be quantified. Also analyse how variations in each simulation output can be apportioned to variations in inputs.
  • New parametric and optimisation engine based on JEA technology.
  • 3 new types of Custom variables acting on the model, the IDF or at simulation time through EMS. The new custom script variable type allows models to be modified parametrically by writing C# scripts.

API with Plugin and Scripting Tools

  • API allows 3rd party plugin and C# script development linking to the DesignBuilder object model.
  • Python scripting.

Plus hundreds of minor improvements and fixes.

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