Simulation Training, London 25-29th March

Running from 25th March 2019 DesignBuilder Software are pleased to offer a low cost 5 day simulation training course at UCL in central London. Our expert trainers will help you get quickly up to speed with DesignBuilder fundamentals and will teach you efficient ways to quickly set up models, run a range of different analyses in DesignBuilder using the industry-leading EnergyPlus and Radiance simulation engines, and generate the outputs you need. The final day will show you how you can quickly and cost-effectively include CFD as part of your modelling toolkit.

Over the 5 days the course includes: Model geometry, efficient data entry, QA-checking your model, simulation, generating and interpreting results, daylighting (Radiance), simple HVAC and natural ventilation, renewables, detailed HVAC and CFD. We’ll also introduce you to new tools such as the Model Data Grid View that enables you to view and edit model data from a grid and import data into the model from a spreadsheet. Each day of the course is modular and builds on the knowledge learnt on previous days (or from previous experience using DesignBuilder) so you can choose whichever day(s) best meet your needs. Days 2-5 all require previous experience with the modeller or attendance on Day 1.

A more detailed breakdown of the course content is available here.

The course aims to give you the foundation to help you to maximise your productivity and offers very effective training in an interactive format with lots of hands-on exercises so that you can “learn by doing”. Free 30-day licences will be provided, so why not come along and learn how to use the latest DesignBuilder tools and experience for yourself why over 95% of those attending our training would recommend it to a friend or colleague.

What's Not Covered in the Training? The focus of the training is on how to use DesignBuilder software. It does not cover use of EnergyPlus or Radiance software outside DesignBuilder, modification of EnergyPlus or Radiance files, Compact HVAC, UK SBEM/DSM or any other local/national certification variant of DesignBuilder.

Bookings are now closed for this training course.

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