Load Data from Template

Model Data Management



Access the Load Data from Template from:


  1. The Toolbar
  2. The Edit menu
  3. Mouse right-click in the Model Data.


The Load data from template dialog is used to load template data into the model in a controlled way. You can select one or more data sources from the following template libraries:



When at site level only one template can be loaded:



When you select one of the above templates as a source of data you must also set the template from which to load:


Target Object(s)

On the Target tab you can select the way you want to set data and, where appropriate, which model objects to load to.



Selection tools are available from the Info panel to allow you to control the selection of building objects:


Making global lighting settings

When you load lighting data from template you should consider that DesignBuilder sets the lighting output from the lights based on:


a) Lighting system efficiency (W/m2/100 lux) using data from the lighting template and,

b) Illuminance levels required in the zone as set on the Activity tab.


If you have many types of activity in the building you can load lighting data for each zone taking into account the required illuminance level in the zone by selecting the appropriate zones in the Target tab.