EMS Edit Script Dialog

The EMS Edit Script dialog is used to create and edit individual EMS programs using DesignBuilder Erl code.



Enter the name of the EMS script that will appear in the Script Manager list for selection.


The description can be used to add any extra notes or description of the script.


The Category for an EMS script is set to EMS and should not generally be changed once the script has been created.


Enable program

Note: Standard Erl syntax is described in the main EMS application guide.and DesignBuilder extensions to the standard Erl sytax are described on the DesignBuilder Erl page.

The EMS script editor provides colour syntax highlighting to make it easier to read the code.



Insert EMS/IDF code

DesignBuilder provides several utilities to make it easy to insert EMS and/or IDF code into the script for sensors, variables, internal variables, programs etc. These are accessed by clicking on the Edit Script dialog Info panel links:



Some of the above tools add a simple keyword while others insert several lines of DB Erl code:

Other tools

EMS code libraries

Publicly accessible libraries of EMS scripts can be accessed by clicking on the links at the bottom of the Info panel. The idea is for DesignBuilder users to share any scripts they have written and found useful.