There are two main ways to licence Climate Analytics:


  • Climate Analytics licence - provides access to the full Climate Analytics database including "Design Year" and "Actual Year" downloads as well as the climate analysis tools. Download credits are included which allow "Design Year" and "Actual Year" EPW file downloads.

    See the Access section for guidance on how to order a Climate Analytics licence.

    Note: With a Climate Analytics licence, if you use up your allocation of downloads before the licence expires you can purchase additional credits to allow further downloads.

  • Trial account - provides free access to 12 Climate Analytics stations in USA, Ireland, Egypt and Australia (see expanding box below).

    As well as limiting the available stations, trial accounts also don't provide access to the Urban Heat Island tab of the Station dialog.

    See the Access section for guidance on how to set up a free Trial account to evaluate the software.

All licences provide access to a wide range of hourly weather data from EnergyPlus, and National Sources. Note that data from some National Sources requires payment.