Key features

Construction costs

  • Costs are calculated using standard procedures with full flexibility in inputs and detailed tabular outputs.
  • The construction cost tool is suitable for use with early design stage cost planning, life-cycle analysis and cost-benefit optimisation studies.
  • Options are provided for NRM1 (RICS, UK) and UNIFORMAT II (ASTM, US and Canada) as well as a basic building only approach.
  • Calculations are based on model surface areas and component cost rates along with the extra data required for the NRM1 and UNIFORMAT II standards.
  • Output reports break down the costs according to the selected standard.

Utility costs

  • Calculate building operational costs using standard procedures.
  • Even the most complex utility tariff structures can be modelled using EnergyPlus with options to buy or sell (using a feed-in tariff) including flat charges, fixed rates and options for ratchets, qualifies and variables.

Life cycle analysis

  • Provides data on the long-term cost of the building construction, operation and maintenance. This can help the design team to assess the cost of construction for design features against the corresponding impact on long-term utility and maintenance costs.
  • Life cycle analysis applies standard procedures include consideration of:
    • Recurring costs such as maintenance and repair
    • Non-recurring costs such end of life salvage
    • Discount rates
    • Tax
    • Depreciation
    • Inflation
    • Price escalation
    • Use adjustment


Cost is included in the Architectural Plus and all Engineering packages.


The Cost module can be used standalone for pure construction cost modelling, but the Simulation and HVAC modules are both required for calculating utility and life-cycle costs. For cost-benefit optimisation studies the Optimisation module is also required.

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