Previous Versions

Earlier versions of DesignBuilder that you may need to download for special reasons. Free evaluations are not available for previous versions of DesignBuilder.

For UK EPC and Building Regulations compliance version downloads please visit our Certification UK and Ireland Approved Versions page

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DesignBuilder v7.1.4.005

Previous approved release for SBEM/DSM v6.1e.

archive SBEM/DSM 6.1.e Patch01

Download (10.95 MB)

EXE6.1.e.0_64 (1).zip

This patch is required for DesignBuilder v7.1.4.007 for English BRUKL calculations in which the building has a District Heating System.

For more details on installing and using the patch see our SBEM 6.1.e Patch01 KB article.

DesignBuilder v7.1.3.015

DesignBuilder v7.0.2.004

Current release, suitable for: EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting and CFD.

Important: NOT Approved for UK SBEM/DSM work!
Use DB v6.1.8.021 or DB v7.1.2.006 instead available at:

DesignBuilder v7.1.2.006

Previous approved release for SBEM (SBEM v6.1c).

For use on England Part-L and EPCs only.

See also:
Briefing Note for Energy Assessors using DesignBuilder v7.1 for SBEM v6.1c Assessments

DesignBuilder v6.1.8.021

Download (485 MB)


Last Version 6 software release.
Suitable for: SBEM/DSM (5.6b), EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting and CFD.

DesignBuilder v6.1.0.006

Download (490 MB)


Previous release for: SBEM, DSM. EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting and CFD.

DesignBuilder V5.5.2.007

Download (382 MB)


Version 5 software release.
Previous release, suitable for: EnergyPlus Simulations, Daylighting and CFD.
NOT Approved for UK SBEM/DSM work.


DesignBuilder Results Viewer 2.0.006

Download (5 MB)


The DesignBuilder results viewer is being made available free of charge to DesignBuilder and EnergyPlus users as a quick and effective way to view EnergyPlus eso and htm results data.

DesignBuilder v4.7.0.027

Download (224.79 MB)


Last Version 4 software release.

DesignBuilder v3.4.0.041

Download (122.12 MB)


Last Version 3 software release.

DesignBuilder ** FOR PORTUGAL ONLY **

Download (96.39 MB)


Special v2 release for use in Portugal only. Please contact NaturalWorks for more information.

DesignBuilder v2.4.2.026

Download (90.56 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (70.34 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (69.68 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (68.84 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (63.20 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (48.96 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (41.43 MB)


DesignBuilder v.

Download (42.78 MB)


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